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A long tradition that continues to this day…

The Giorgetti family, who have been working in the world of hospitality since way back in 1954, opened Hotel Daniel to the public in 1968 and since then, have focused on excellent food, courtesy and cleanliness, all of which are still a feature to this day.

Some of the families that used to holiday here even then, still return to this day and remind us how good the lasagne and doughnuts that “mamma” Giovanna used to prepare alongside “nonna” Munda.

Over the years, thanks to the passion of Lorena Giorgetti who continues to uphold the family tradition, the hotel has always sought to move with the times, in order to continue to offer a holiday built on service and quality that is better than average.

We’re not your average hotel…

The many changes that have been carried out over the years mean that today, Hotel Daniel is one of the few hotels on the Riviera of Romagna that differs from the standard offer.

For us, it is fundamental that our guests can enjoy the great atmosphere that only the Riviera of Romagna can offer, but always in respect of:

  • their health, relaxing and enjoying wholesome food and ingredients that are always first choice;
  • the environment, with the knowledge that they’re staying in a totally eco-friendly facility;

We stand out because we offer Romagna-style tradition (which remains a cornerstone for us), in a context that is:

  • modern;
  • relaxing;
  • healthy;
  • innovative;
  • eco-friendly;

Why should you choose the Hotel Daniel?

1 – Because, if as well as the sea and beach you’re looking for a holiday that focuses on good, healthy food, you can find it here:

  • our food is prepared using traditional local ingredients, with low impact on the environment, favouring locally-sourced and organic products;
  • at every meal you’ll find something for every palate and every dietary requirement, intolerance or allergy;

2 – Because, if as well as the sea and beach you’re looking for an eco-friendly holiday, then you’re in the right place:

  • We care about the environment (we think differentiated waste collection is sacred, we only use biological products for cleaning and we are against any kind of waste);
  • We try to save energy where possible (we’ve installed photovoltaic panels, energy-saving light bulbs, high-efficiency fixtures and fittings and mechanisms for automatically turning off air-conditioners and fans);
  • We promote local gastronomy and organic farming with low environmental impact;
  • We care about getting our guests involved, in respect of all concerned.

3 – Because, if as well as the sea and beach you’re looking for a haven where you can relax, you’ll find it here:

  • We’re a small, quiet and welcoming hotel (we’ve only got 22 rooms);
  • We’ve got an outdoor sun terrace with a warm-water wellness pool, neck cascades and hydrotherapies and a hydro massage pool with water heated to 30°C;
  • Most of our rooms are new, elegantly-furnished by local craftsmen and some are fitted with sensory showers, colour therapy, aromatherapy, blade cascades and zenith showerhead.

4 – Because, if as well as the sea and beach you’re also looking for comfort, then you’re in the right place:

  • We’re a stone’s throw from the beach;
  • Our private car park is opposite;
  • We organise activities that are ideal for the whole family.

You can find the sea and beach anywhere… but you’ll only find good food, environmental sustainability, wellness and comfort all together here.

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