Delight your palate with healthy and sustainable food…

In a world where everyone is always rushing around and we have to live with the concept of ready, easy and fast, we’ve unfortunately lost the desire (or the possibility) to eat healthy nutritious food, giving way to fast food, tinned food, pre-cooked food, frozen food, etc.

Always eating industrially-produced food, with ingredients we don’t know the origin of, that contain preservatives and often GM ingredients, has a negative effect on our bodies.

During your stay at Hotel Daniel we want you and your family to take a break from all this too, focusing entirely on your health and wellness and eco-sustainability… starting with food.

Here you’ll eat mainly top-quality fresh food and some produce from local producers

In the kitchen, we favour the use of locally-sourced and ORGANIC products.

With a focus on ingredients and the study and composition of recipes, our menus feature ingredients and dishes that follow the traditions of Romagna, revisited in a healthier key: they are nutritional and light, without forgoing the original taste and are designed to accompany you (if you want) on a precise nutritional journey throughout your holiday.

Starting from the morning, when you get to the restaurant you can choose from a traditional breakfast of fresh products (some of which made in-house), or be guided by us in choosing food with ingredients with specific beneficial properties for our organism, categorised on the basis of the colours of wellness:

  • RED: good for the heart, circulation and immune system;
  • GREEN: reduce tiredness and strain, purify and are good for the liver;
  • BLUE/VIOLET: good for the skin, eyes, kidneys and nervous system;
  • WHITE: good for blood pressure, the intestine and cholesterol;
  • YELLOW/ORANGE: good for the bones, joints and immune defences;

Every day the menu features a recurring theme. International, ethnic, eco-friendly, street food… if you want, you’ll have the chance to taste dishes and ingredients that you might not know, new flavours, new aromas and new spices.

Always with a focus on flavour and health.

If you’re more traditional in your taste, at each mealtime we’ll also always serve classic dishes and you can choose from first and second courses prepared using pasta, meat, fish and locally-sourced vegetables.

If you have any allergies or intolerances or simply due to a health choice you eat particular things, don’t worry: vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free… whatever you need, you’ll find well-prepared and delicious dishes to try (let us know when booking).

Eating at the Hotel Daniel means enjoying one of life’s pleasures in a conscious, sustainable and above all, healthy manner… you’ll enjoy good food without feeling guilty.

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