Deluxe Room

Refurbished in 2015, our deluxe rooms offer an elegant mix of modernity and artisan style.

These rooms are situated on the first and second floor and are available either as doubles or for families with up to 4 members.

Thanks to the shower cubicle, featuring a sensory shower with radio, colour therapy and zenith showerhead, returning from the beach will be a moment of deep relaxation and wellness. Our eco-friendly complimentary toiletries include 100% natural cosmetics, ideal for all skin types, in biodegradable packaging.


Exclusive room services

 Colour therapy

Relaxation is amplified thanks to colour therapy. Colours have beneficial effects on our mental health and body: they help us relax, give us a boost of energy and happiness and stimulate a state of meditation… a colour for every moment of the day… try them all!

 Zenith Shower Head

The delight of an embracing water jet that imitates a light tropical rain on the skin.

 Radio FM

Even more delightful if accompanied with your favourite music.

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