Environmentally Friendly Hotel

A sustainable holiday at the Daniel

Daily commitments force us to live fast, we invite you to go slow!

Being an environmentally-friendly hotel doesn’t only mean being awarded green certification: it’s the philosophy of totally embracing a sustainable and conscious approach to nature and the territory that surrounds us.

Various elements make it possible to protect the environment, improving the quality of life in general.

Thanks to the 2015 refurbishment, we took the first step towards eco-sustainability:

  • By installing photovoltaic and solar panels;
  • By replacing old light bulbs with low-energy light bulbs;
  • By replacing individual soap bars with soap dispensers;
  • By replacing old fixtures and fittings with high-efficiency ones;
  • By only serving locally-sourced fruit and vegetables;
  • By installing mechanism that automatically turn off the air conditioning.

In 2019, we’ve obtained the Legambiente brand and can officially call the Daniel an environmentally-sustainable hotel.

Some examples of what you’ll find:


At the table, tradition and wellness come together: we serve healthy and conscious cuisines, using select ingredients and always in full respect of the flavours of Romagna. We’ll help you discover healthy, tasty food that will be enjoyed by the young and old alike!


We favour locally-sourced and organic products for guests. All our fruit and vegetables are local. The buffet breakfast features homemade cakes and an organic selection too.


The wine included on our all-inclusive formula is organic and produced by local farms.


We use concentrated biological detergents to clean all rooms and public areas, in order to reduce plastic waste and limit pollution.


In all the public areas you’ll find special containers for correct differentiated waste collection.


For your next holiday avoid traffic jams and stress: choose the train! Igea Marina train station is less than 500 metres from the hotel. If instead you alight at Rimini train station, the hotel is easy to reach by bus no. 4 towards San Mauro Mare and alighting at bus stops no. 38 or 39 (just 200 metres away).

On March 8th 2019 we were invited to the Milan fair “do the right thing” to receive the recognition of Legambiente “Oscar Ecoturismo 2019”. For us a great satisfaction but above all an incentive to continue on the path of eco-sustainability that is particularly close to our heart because we are convinced that if each of us adopted in everyday life certain measures for what is possible, let’s not say in the short term , but over time the results will be seen. Even guests who choose us are called to do their part by starting with simple things like recycling and decide to reuse a towel several times before putting it to wash. Even the new structure, Residence CasaLO, respects these canons. To conclude we are proud to say that those who choose a holiday by us, hotel or residence, contribute to a lower impact on the environment.

Now you know all about our continual commitment to protecting the environment, you too can make a conscious decision and choose to enjoy your holiday in a sustainable way.

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